Monday, 9 June 2008

Jack and Suzy Welch (finally!) Have Their Own Web Site

Last week, the long awaited Jack and Suzy Welch web site was unveiled, following on from the great successes of their podcasts, columns and videos created in conjunction with BusinessWeek.

As the former CEO of GE and a former editor of Harvard Business Review respectively, their credentials are definitely impressive and the site allows you to look for insights into various topics facing managers and leaders in both small and large businesses.

Before delving too far into the treasure trove I would recommend that you spend a couple of minutes reading about their underlying principles.

Head on over to the Welch Way and prepare to be inspired.

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Mary Jane Hurley Brant said...

I never miss Jack & Suzy Welch's advice in Business Week and I'm a writer and psychotherapist so I come in a different door. I have learned so much and I'm appreciative.

M.J.Hurley Brant